Wed. Aug 21st, 2019

Who does not like bread, every person had eaten and is eating bread on a regular basis in life. Bread is by far one of the most essential part of human food life. Bread is what helped people survive world war 1 and world war 2 and many more famines and droughts.

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In this blog we write about how make bread at home, not any normal bread but crispy crust with soft core inside and tasty bread. Firstly, bread is not like baking cake or cookies. The bread’s characteristics basically comes due to fermentation of yeast. Yeast when reacted with the sugars in the bread flour releases carbon monoxide, which is the reason for the taste and bubbly airy texture we get in bread.


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               Like many other dishes baking bread doesn’t need much equipment, most of the equipment will already be present in most of the home kitchen.

  1. Dough Scraper
  2. Baking Stone
  3. Oven
  4. Pan
  5. Mixing Bowls


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Yeast is the most important and magical ingredient that turns flour to bread. There are many types of yeast like Active Dry yeast, Rapid rise yeast, Fresh yeast. All these types of yeast can be used to bake bread.

Flour is what turns to bread with the help of yeast. Try getting unbleached flour for making best breads.

Small quantities of salt is used mixing the dough. Kosher salt is much preferable than normal table salt.

Butter and milk is added to flour along with whole eggs to help the bread become more tender and have a beautiful color.

And finally, water is added to the mixture and is kneaded till it’s properly mixed.


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               Here we come to the important part of how make bread at home. After the dough is properly kneaded using different kneading techniques like Traditional kneading, Stretch and fold and no-knead method.

Let the dough sit either in refrigerator or in room temperature. Refrigerating the dough helps it develop its flavor. Cover the dough with a towel or cotton cloth before storing it.

After the dough is ready, we start making smaller parts of different shapes and sizes. You can even make designs on top so that it appears good after baking. Finally brush the top of the baking part using butter, this helps in giving a crispy and smelly end product.

Put the smaller dough parts in the baking tray and keep it in oven at around 190 degrees Fahrenheit and bake till the crust becomes more than golden brown. The darker crust the tastier and flavorful it becomes. Take it out and happily dine with your family.


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Let the bread cool down before you feast on it. This is the article for how make bread at home. Also note that the oven plays an important role and is a critical factor in how your overall dish will turn out to be. Make sure to have an optimum temperature and the rack position also matters so that the heat is evenly distributed.